Internet ConnectivityADSL, VDSL or Fibre Connections. Fast, Faster or Fastest. Business grade Internet connectivity on the fastest network in the land!

ADSL and ADSL2+ have long been a mainstay of internet connectivity for the New Zealand SMB. Usually internet connectivity has been provided by the telco providing your phone lines. In our experience, this service usually has two problems:

  1. The bundled “free” router is notoriously unreliable, because the telco buys the cheapest ones they can; and
  2. The core networks of the major telco’s cater to a large consumer market. This invariably means network slow-downs on your business connection after the school kid’s get home and start using the internet

Webservices managed business grade internet connections, do not suffer from either of these issues as we only use business grade routers, and our internet connections are over a dedicated business network delivering full speed internet connectivity all the time. Our connections have no rate limiting, filtering or caching enabled to deliver the best speeds possible to your business.

The following connectivity options are available:

  • ADSL/ADSL2+ – This form of internet connectivity is limited to a maximum of 24Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream.
  • VDSL2 – In New Zealand VDSL2 is configured to provide a maximum of 50Mbps downstream and (compared to ADSL) a very fast 10Mbps upstream.
  • UFB Fibre – Available as 100Mbit, 200Mbit or 1 Gigabit downstream connection on the Chorus network, or if Unison Fibre is available as a 100Mbit downstream connection
  • Multi-country / Single Account – Through our partner we are able to provide managed internet connectivity to each of your business sites in New Zealand and Australia.

Ultra-fast broadband can transform Hawke’s Bay businesses. It offers opportunities to:

  • save costs
  • increase productivity
  • extend reach
  • offer new products and services

It will be easier for Hawke’s Bay businesses to do business with the rest of the world, opening up opportunities for utilising the fast internet connectivity for:

  • Remote working
  • Full HD video conferencing
  • Voice over IP calling
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Backup and Servers
  • Cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

and much, much more!

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