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iconmonstr-server-6-iconWebservices Cloud Servers are a fully customized and managed public, private or hybrid datacentre that is scalable to your changing business requirements

Microsoft Azure Cloud ServersGlobally there are several very large cloud server providers who have dozens of very well built, secured, connected and managed datacentres which provide businesses use of these large physical datacentres. While there are many providers in the cloud server market, having carefully analysed them all, Webservices has partnered with Microsoft Azure.

As a result of this partnership, we can design and implement a Virtual Private Cloud – your own secure, private data centre of cloud servers, dedicated to your business, running in Microsoft Azure datacentres located in Sydney and automatically replicated to Melbourne.

The performance connecting to these datacentres is indistinguishable from running in datacentres located in New Zealand. We also provide all the necessary management and support services to ensure that your systems operate at peak performance.

Businesses today need to be more agile to respond to market demands and competitive threats as well as ensure that they are more resilient to natural disasters as well as ever present malware and security threats .

Webservices Cloud Servers on Microsoft Azure provide your business three key capabilities

  • Move faster – Respond to market and competition demands.
  • Save money – No more server capex’s! Only run the capacity you need, for the time that you need it to be running.
  • Integrate on premises applications and data with Cloud Servers – True hybrid computing with local performance and cloud resiliency.

To discuss how Webservices can design, implement and manage your cloud server infrastructure, please complete the form on this page.