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Managed ComputeHosted Desktop & Apps provides your business a fully managed hosted desktop and application delivery platform delivered on the resilient Microsoft Azure Cloud

Small and medium sized businesses are now able to harness the remote hosted desktop capabilities through the cloud that not so long ago were limited to the large IT capital budgets of enterprises.

What does Webservices Hosted Desktop & Apps provide you?

  • HP t610 Thin Client and Multi-monitor SetupCloud hosted user desktop – This is a session based desktop running on Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Windows 8.1 Desktop Experience enabled. This means that each user is granted access to a server based desktop environment that looks like a normal Windows 10 desktop.
  • Microsoft Office 2016 – We are able to add Microsoft Office 2016 applications to a user’s hosted cloud desktop to provide access to all the core office favourites of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • RemoteApp Hosted Application – Your application is hosted on cloud based servers and published through Windows RemoteApp. Users connect through logging in to a web site and opening the application; or Windows 10 users can have the application integrated into their Start menu

Webservices Hosted Desktop & Apps solution can be delivered in a shared or dedicated environment.  The advantages of having your own dedicated cloud hosted desktop environment are:

  • Scalable up to 5000 users – That’s right, the Microsoft Reference Architecture design Webservices implements supports from 5 up to 5000 users and 500 Terabytes (TB) of data
  • Data security – Because you are in a private tenant environment, you can be assured that all data is yours and yours alone
  • Hosted servers – You can also implement SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange and other Windows Server or Linux server instances within your tenant to support your line of business application requirements
  • Hybrid support – Using a dedicated tenant environment makes tight integration between on-site and cloud based servers possible
  • Office 365 integration – A dedicated tenant environment can also easily be integrated with other core services being delivered through Office 365

By moving your business to Webservices Hosted Desktop & Apps, you immediately gain the following business benefits:

  • Performance, Scalability and Availability – Using the cloud to host your servers means that as performance requirements change, your servers can easily be resized. Also, as business requirements increase, new staff are taken on, multiple sites or businesses are acquired we can easily spin up new servers to take up the load.
  • Simplified Administration and Management – If you already have your own AD servers on-site, we can integrate them with your cloud hosted desktop environment, enhancing the reliability of your current environment as well as enabling user maintenance using existing tools and processes.
  • BYOD Support – Businesses want to enable employees to bring their own devices, but are concerned about maintaining the security of vital business data.  Webservices Hosted Desktop & Apps resolves these concerns.
  • Secure and Enhanced User Mobility & Productivity – All communication from user access devices and the Hosted Desktop & App environment are secured with SSL certificates with the same or higher levels of encryption than internet banking web sites. This gives you confidence in the security of data being transferred. Additionally, using Hosted Desktop & App greatly improves user mobility, allowing them to work wherever they have internet access. The obvious benefit to the business from this is greatly improved productivity and increased work time.
  • Reduced CAPEX and Cloud Security – Using Webservices Hosted Desktop & App enables your business to reduce or completely remove the need for the cyclical capex for replacement physical server infrastructure on premise. At the same time, your business benefits from a reduction in costs associated with maintaining physical security of infrastructure and data by taking full advantage of the fully audited security of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

To discuss how Webservices Hosted Desktop & Apps can benefit your business, please fill out the contact form on this page.