Improve your capability to sucessfully implement new IT projects. Manage Your IT Project The Easy Way!

Managing IT projects successfully is much more challenging than most other business tasks.  The primary reason for this level of difficulty is the need to manage both the business implementation and change management aspects as well as the technical IT aspects.

By engaging Webservices Project Management Services, we take full control of the entire project process while keeping communication simple and timely and working hard to make the project come in within budget.

As part of our Project Management Services we provide:

  • IT project management services utilising best practice and tested methodologies including project planning, project stage management and project closure.
  • Project deployment & implementation services by experienced consultants.
  • Consultation on the delivery of IT projects including detailed solution architecture & designs.

These three elements are included in our project services offerings which span a wide range of IT projects across the full suite of our services such as networks & VPN, cloud computing, disaster recovery and much more.

Webservices Project Management Services, deliver the following benefits to your business:

  • Efficient utilisation of your internal resources. This allows more time to focus on other areas of your business for you and your team.
  • Outcome assurance. Peace of mind that every element of the project will be professionally managed following proven methodologies designed to cover all aspects of the implementation.
  • Account Management. We will keep you updated throughout the delivery process with simple and consistent communication via a single point of contact for all project updates.
  • Project Governance. Reduced project risks and efficient mitigation of any issues which may arise or be associated with the project.
  • On time and on budget. Achieve the desired results in a timely manner due to proven implementation methodologies, processes and templates.

To discuss how engaging Webservices to manage your next IT project can benefit your business, please complete the contact form on this page.