Managed ComputeSupport+ provides entry level proactive IT support delivering productivity, security and efficiency benefits at a low entry point

Desktop IT SupportIf you are a small business you no doubt realise you often need to have access to the kind of IT support available to larger businesses but are constrained by the costs that are involved in delivering that level of support. At Webservices, we believe we have solved this problem for small businesses seeking IT support with our Support+ service offering.

Support+ uses our IT support delivery platform from our full Managed Service offering, but with a reduced feature-set.  This means that for a low monthly cost a small business can have the reporting features that our Managed Service customers enjoy and then are able to pay for additional IT support at fixed rates depending on what support is required.

The bulk of these additional IT support services are able to be delivered remotely, and are often the result of a proactive call from Webservices to advise of a risk or concern in your IT environment. You are then able to decide if you want to move ahead with the resolution, fully aware of the cost involved as it is published on our fixed cost IT rate card.

Using Webservices proactive management technology and processes we are able to provide the following management services to your network environment:

  • Low per device monthly fee
  • Tracked service call tickets
  • Monthly system health reports
  • Proactive IT support calls
  • Best effort SLA
  • Included enterprise AV and Web Filtering
  • On-demand remote desktop “shadowing” user support
  • Published fixed cost rate card for additional support
  • No contract

By implementing Webservices Support+ advanced technologies and processes in your business, we deliver two key business benefits:

  • Low Cost Visibility – Low per device cost and integrated reporting improves visibility into the health of the businesses IT estate; and
  • Reduce risk – Unmaintained devices expose the business to a level of risk that can easily be mitigated with Webservices Support+

For Webservices Support+ pricing and a copy of the Support+ Fixed Cost Services Rate Card, please fill out the contact form on this page.