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Managed ComputeSecure, reliable, fast, managed compute resources. Improve the productivity, security and efficiency of your business!

HP Business Pro Desktops

Simply put, Webservices Managed Compute means that all your desktops, servers and mobile compute platforms are kept secure and perform at their best from the day they come out of the box until they are retired from service, no matter where they are located.

Using cutting edge technology, we are able to proactively manage and maintain all your business desktops, servers and mobile devices, remotely – wherever they may be located. This approach does away with the old fashioned model of having a bunch of technicians internally or from an external provider running around fixing systems that are already broken and instead, delivers faster, more predictable service and results in many business benefits.

HP Business Pro DesktopsManaged Desktop

Using Webservices proactive management technology and processes we are able to provide the following management services to your desktop fleet:

  • Managed Windows Update deployment
  • Weekly updates to 106+ common applications like Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader etc
  • Remote desktop “shadowing” user support
  • ITIL compliant service desk
  • Automated disk clean-up and de-fragmentation
  • Line of Business application packaging and push deployment
  • Enterprise grade monitored and managed end point security and anti-virus
  • Automated scheduled power management

Managed Server

HP ProLiant ML350 ServerUsing Webservices proactive management technology and processes makes it possible to keep critical IT services provided by your server infrastructure available. We provide service support for a wide range of technologies including the full range of the Microsoft Server products, Linux, VMware and Citrix.

  • Managed Windows Update deployment
  • 24×7 Performance monitoring and alerting
  • ITIL compliant service desk
  • Enterprise grade monitored and managed end point security and anti-virus
  • Automated disk clean-up and de-fragmentation
  • Line of Business application packaging and push deployment

Managed Mobile

As mobile compute and BYOD become a larger part of the business environment, businesses are concerned about how to manage these devices and secure business data they hold.

Using Webservices Managed Mobile services we can:

  • Manage and control thousands of iOS and Android devices
  • Remotely deploy software and apps
  • Enforce restrictions & deploy network settings
  • Perform asset and inventory management
  • Send SMS and email enrollment invitations to mobile devices
  • Remotely clear the device’s pass code, lock the device, and even erase all the data on a device in the event that the device is compromised

These technologies and processes deliver two key business benefits:

  • Lower Costs: Due to economies of scale, experience, use of standards & best practices and platform tools, we can often perform functions at a lower cost than most internal IT organizations could.
  • Increased Productivity: Systems are more reliable and more available, therefore your employees are more productive, more efficient, and generating more revenue for your business.
  • Reduced Risks: Unmaintained devices expose your business to a level of risk that can easily be mitigated with Webservices Managed Compute
  • Reduced Maintenance: Leveraging standards, your internal IT staff (if you have any) can focus on your core business and the goals you’ve set.
  • Predictable, Even with Growth: Proper planning will take the surprises out of IT and make it scalable and able to operate within budget.
  • Transform from Cost Center to Profit Center: Managed Compute makes it possible for you to use IT as a competitive advantage and a revenue-generating asset.
  • Maximise ROI: Ensures that the capital expended on end user computing is able to be used as efficiently as possible.

To discuss how Webservices Managed Compute can benefit your business, please fill out the contact form on this page.