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Managed NetworkYou already have fast UFB Internet. Keep it safe and reliable with a Webservices Cloud managed WAN device.

Ubiquiti UniFi Secure GatewayYou may have already elected to have UFB installed to your business premise. But are you only using the bundled router that came from the Telco for the connection?

All routers and firewalls are hardware devices with software installed on them. Sadly, far too many businesses completely ignore the need to manage and maintain these devices.

Webservices mitigates this business risk by installing a fully cloud managed router and firewall. There are numerous features and benefits that your business could be receiving by moving to a managed WAN connection. Click the tabs on this page to find out more.

Webservices managed WAN devices provide advanced network features while maintaining the capability to saturate a 1Gigabit connection on each router port.

Features of Webservices managed WAN:

  • Advanced firewall policies to protect your network and its data
  • Virtual network segments for security and network traffic management
  • Site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts data traveling between your sites
  • Quality of Service for enterprise voice and video. Top QoS priority is assigned to voice/video call traffic for clear calls and lag-free, video streaming.

Some of the business benefits of a managed WAN device are:

  • Enhanced network performance with the use of optimal router configurations
  • Reduced risk through guaranteed service levels including response and restoration targets
  • Improved financial outcomes by optimising the total cost of data network connections and on-site router management
  • Reduced costs in engaging IT resources for changes or upgrades or providing training to update skills
  • Minimise the number of resources required to manage multiple router vendors and data carriage providers

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