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HD Video LogoCollaborate with remote team members, customers and suppliers using Skype for Business, WebEx or GoTo Meeting


Skype for Business Logitech CC3000e meeting photoThe Webservices Meeting Room Video solution is a Full HD room telepresence system for medium sized rooms with the full collaboration capability of Microsoft Skype for Business embedded in its core.

Built specifically for Office 365 Skype for Business environments, the Webservices Meeting Room Video Solution natively combines all the powerful collaboration features of Skype for Business with the high-definition video and voice of the Logitech CC3000e. The result is a simple, seamless, collaboration experience complete with remote camera control.

Webservices Meeting Room Video easily integrates into all Microsoft IT infrastructures whether it be on premise Lync/Skype for Business or hosted Office 365 Lync/Skype for Business in the cloud.

Logitech CC3000e SystemSome of the features of the Webservices Meeting Room Video solution integrating Logitech CC3000e & HP EliteDesk 800 mini are:

  • Lower total cost of ownership through simplified training and support
  • Zero learning curve, which results in the same user experience from desktop to room system
  • The ability to leverage your full, Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business investment without additional gateways or infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to real-time collaboration & remote camera control
  • Optimized for Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting environments

Some of the real business benefits from moving to a Webservices Meeting Room Video solution are:

  • Cut the cost of your business calls – As most SMB’s spend a lot of time engaging with remote team members, suppliers and customers, having the ability to shift communications from traditional (landline and mobile) costly calling to network based video and voice calling reduces costs and improves engagement
  • Reduce your business travel costs – Travel costs can make a big dent in your profits. And it’s not just things like flights, fuel and hotel bills that can affect your company’s profitability when you’re spending time on the road, it also means you are spending less time in the office, which can hurt productivity. Using Skype can help you and your employees cut down on non-essential business travel. A Skype for Business video call is the perfect replacement for a face-to-face meeting it’s just as personal as a traditional meeting, but you can schedule it into your normal work day at the office, saving you time and money.
  • Stay in touch with colleagues – Making sure everyone involved in a project is kept in the loop means a business can run more efficiently saving both time and money. And with Skype for business, you can do just that.
  • Stay in touch with customers – Customers are the centre of any business, small or large, and making sure they can contact you easily and cost-effectively is a must if you want to provide the high level of service that will keep them from going elsewhere.

Logitech LogoTo realize the benefits of a Meeting Room Video system for engaging your remote staff, customers and suppliers fill in the contact form on this page and we’ll get in touch.