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Webservices Managed Security

A Webservices managed, cloud-delivered, real-time network security solution for any device, anywhere, any time

OpenDNS-FireEyeAs networks get bigger, with more and more connected devices, both company owned and employee owned, good network security has become vital.

Additionally, businesses need to be able to protect the network from malware in real-time as well as ensure safe surfing with sensible web filtering policies. Best in class network security means that you using predictive intelligence to see where new threats are coming from and protect the network and business data in advance.

Webservices cloud based Network Security service, powered by OpenDNS, delivers on all these capabilities, ensuring that your network and data are kept safe from ever more advanced persistent network security threats.

  • Protect devices anywhere worldwide in minutes & stay always up-to-date
  • Contain advanced attacks and block malware, botnets and phishing
  • Predictive intelligence to automate protection against emergent threats
  • Comply with up to 60 web content filters
  • Secure mobile users or remote offices with no added latency
  • View new network activity in real time

This services delivers the following productivity benefits to your business:

  • Real-time protection from Malware, Botnets and Phishing
  • Predictive Intelligence – spots emerging threats and protects your network and users
  • Provides flexible web site access to keep employees from accessing inappropriate and dangerous websites
  • Supports multiple security policy profiles to apply different policies for different groups of users in your network
  • Protects employees working remotely and while travelling

To discover how a Webservices managed security solution can improve the security of your network and improve end user productivity, please complete the contact form on this page