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Managed Network & VPNA business grade network & VPN provides secure voice, video and data access from anywhere!


Ubiquiti UniFi 48 Port Managed SwitchAs businesses become increasingly dependant on the cloud, and work styles become increasingly mobile, a cheap unmanaged and unmanageable network doesn’t make the grade any more.

Webservices Managed Network and VPN however, provides for one network and one set of cables to deliver fast cloud access, Voice over IP, HD video teleworking and conferencing and secure data access from anywhere.


Ubiquiti UniFi Switch StackThrough our partnership with Ubiquti, a world leader in networking, we are able to provide a business grade network backbone to build your business on.

A Webservices Managed Network provides:

  • Business grade network switches, wireless access points, routers and security devices
  • Network monitoring, management and alerting
  • Unified Voice, Video and Data networking
  • Network scanning, mapping and reporting
  • Device configuration backups
  • Remote device firmware updates

Ubiquiti UniFi Secure GatewayVPN

Implementing a Webservices managed VPN into your business network provides the following benefits:

  • Secure, authenticated access from anywhere
  • Secure site-to-site connectivity
  • Military grade IPSEC encrypted connections
Implementing a Webservices Managed Network in your business provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce Risk – One of the most important tasks for any business in today’s technological environment is risk reduction and management. A Webservices Managed Network ensures a minimum risk level for virus and malware infection, spyware infection, and hacker attacks. Risk reduction and management can be difficult or impossible to attain on your own.
  • Increased Network Performance The performance of computer networks is a vital issue for any company. Downtime or a network slowdown can cut into profits and decrease system stability. A Webservices Managed Network helps you ensure that your network is always performing at peak efficiency levels.
  • Less Stress for Management Staff: Managing a network is definitely not easy, and the difficulty goes up as the intricacy of the network increases. Add in differing network operating systems, the potential of network asset failure, securing remote access, and you end up with a recipe for disaster, that could take an entire IT team days to resolve, impacting severely on your business.
  • Faster and More Proactive Resolution of Problems: Most business owners tend to take a reactive stance when fixing problems- they only spring into action when an issue arises. Taking a more proactive stance has its benefits; it can help to pinpoint issues before they cause problems with network performance, uptime and stability. When you are able to find problems before they cause damage, your network’s security, stability and performance aren’t compromised.
  • Lower Costs: Using a Webservices Managed Network is more cost-effective than paying IT consultants on an hourly basis, or keeping a full-time IT staff of your own. Lower expenditures mean a better bottom line, and more ability to pass those savings on to your customers.

Ubiquiti Networks LogoTo discuss how Webservices Managed Business Grade Network and VPN can improve data access and communication in your business, please fill out the contact form on the right.