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Wireless Backhaul LogoImplement Carrier-grade, low-latency high performance wireless connectivity over distances up to 200 km for your multi-site or multi-building business

Ubiquiti Air Fibre 5In a multi-building or multi-site business, if you have the capability for line-of-sight between buildings, Webservices can implement a high speed wireless back-haul connection between buildings or sites.

Gone are the days of having to connect using leased lines, VPN’s or ADSL CPE equipment. Now we can provide carrier grade, low-latency connectivity over distances up to 200 km!




We have a range of wireless back-haul equipment available to suit various situations and requirements.

  • Throughput – From 500Mbps to 2Gbps
  • Range – From 13km to 200km
  • Latency – FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) in full-duplex mode for <1 ms latency, resulting in increased efficiency for carrier-class network back-hauls

Real-world example links are hitting 100Mbps over 157km with 3.3ms ping time!

Key benefits of implementing a wireless back-haul within your business are:

  • Reduced risk – Because you own the link, you are not dependant on external third-party providers
  • Speed to deployment – By using license free radio spectrum, you are able to deploy most connections without resource or building consent
  • Reduced cost – Under-grounding cable can be costly and risks causing damage to other buried equipment and cables. Wireless connections can be very cost effective in comparison

Ubiquiti Networks LogoTo reap the benefits of a high-performance, low-latency wireless back-haul in your multi-site or multi-building business, please complete the form on the right and we’ll get in touch.